Hello all!

My name is Rachel Grigorchuk, recent name change due to marrying the greatest guy I know! I am also a recent transfer to the city of Clearwater, FL where I live with my husband and spend my days trying to find something to do, only because I have yet to find a job. Ha! anyways..

Nearing the end of 2015 I began to experience depression and anxiety, and this blog was birthed out of this season of confusion and extreme pain. I wanted to find a way to release what I was feeling while also raising awareness of mental illness. My hope is to share my journey and bring light and hope to those also suffering, as well as to educate those who do not live with mental illness.

I am not a professional writer and do not wish to write in a manner that is not “me.” Thus, “Real. Raw. Rachel.” is an appropriate name. I am not grammatically correct, nor do i care about the use of uppercase letters (this is sure to push my husband’s buttons.) I dare to share my heart as simply and as real as I would if you were sitting right in front of me. So, ignore the lack of proper punctuation, and forget about a good conclusion paragraph, and join me on my road to recovery!